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Free Duplicate File Finder will remove repeating files to restore missing disk space. This handy duplicate cleaner will compare file content in order to identify true duplicates. Files with the same name are not necessarily duplicates. Therefore, do not rely on tools that look at file names and sizes only.

About Duplicate Finders

There is a lot of information about finding duplicates on the web, but I am going to guide you to the best FREE Duplicate File Finder tools to do that.

Finding duplicates is not an easy task and we have to first choose a duplicate finder tool to do this. There are plenty of tools out there, but most of them either do not work properly or they install some nasty spam stuff on your computer. Even reputable ones install some toolbars and crap that you can not easily get rid of. This is really annoying as you were supposed to clean up hard disks not install extra stuff.

Fredd Duplicate File Finder

Fredd Duplicate File Finder

Free Duplicate File Finder Video Tutorial

So the Windows 7 Duplicate Finder that I finally found is named Fast Duplicate File Finder and works like a charm:

The tool is very fast and finds all the duplicates properly. Some of the other tools that I tested missed duplicates or displayed incorrect results. Make sure to run this in 100% Equal Files mode. In addition to that, it also has a mode where it can find similar or duplicate file names. Certainly, you can find similar files too. Unfortunately, that feature is reserved for the PRO version only.

This tool has also a PRO version, but all you need is available in its FREE version. Of course, if you need to do fancy stuff like export to XML or add some special filters to the search you will have to go PRO. For all of the rest of us, the FREE version works just fine as it can find 100% duplicate files and also search for similar or duplicate file names. The tools support all Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 11 and Windows 10 versions.

Oh did I forget to mention that FDFF has an internal preview? A very neat feature that displays most of the common file formats including images, video, text files, binary files, and many more. This makes it very easy to review the results and compare them right inside the application.

Do not forget to check also the disk analysis tool by the same company as it is also FREE.

Download free: Duplicate Finder

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